Day 32 - early break

I left the pawn shop; in fear that they might find me. It has been a few day since, now I'm on the move again. As I walk down the empty streets; conscious of any impending attack; I took a quick stop. The street was practically empty and it was safe to rest a bit. I've manage to traverse a couple of miles, it is always the best to move farther away from the point.

As I sat there; eating some of my rations; I look up at the still blue sky. The wind blew a gentle breeze, everything was quiet, everything was peaceful, but amidst this serenity, I knew that I only had a few hours of daylight, and traveling in the dark would make it harder for me to see upcoming danger.

I stood up, picked up my bags, and continued my trek...

A month has passed, who would have ever expected that this would happen...

Day 31 - A congress of ...

Barely got back to the safe house

I was a few blocks away maybe 7 or 8 blocks; then I found them; a whole bunch of them.

My current living situation wouldn't do anymore, I must move to a different location, they might track me down here, I still don't understand how they track the living, but to be safe I must find a different location, I still got some time before they get here, so I better get ready, I must leave at dawn.

It seems weird that they were grouped together at one location, there must have been hundreds of them there. I'm sure they didn't notice me, but I'm not so sure about that. Haven't seen a group that large before, that location must have been a point. But I have never seen that large number before; I've seen smaller - evacuation areas where one THING slowly infects everyone, nothing like that before.

I better get ready to leave...

Day 31 - The adventurer is me

I'll be heading out, I'll try to search and widen my area, I'll also be taking advantage of this "thing"less week, and grab as much supplies as I can.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to find; from my second trip; a snicker bar :)

Gotta love the little things

... oh and I'm allergic to nuts btw :'(

reason why I wasn't able to write last night, hands were kinda puffy 

Day 30 - Happy Meal

As I scour the neighboring shops for supplies, I manage to find a few batteries, some medicines, some other useful stuffs, and a happy meal - that made me smile for a bit, but it didn't last too long, there's no nuggets.

As I head back to my safe house, behind the security of the metal doors, I took a little detour. The sun is almost up, its near noon, I still have 5 to 6 hours of daylight left - so why waste it, I said to my self.

I headed down a couple more blocks, seems like this area is rather deserted... no humans, no things... no life... except for me, who is probably is dead inside by now.

I looked around for a bit more; decided to head back; I better rest up for now, eat, and prepare myself...

For I am frightened, that to this day, I have not seen any of those things... yet

Day 30 - rest

Well got my much deserved rest, after several weeks of fear whether or not I'll get to see the next day, I've been in this shelter for almost 2 days now, the iron door and windows with the shotgun and gun that I acquired makes me feel more secure now.

Still I wonder, its been a few days since my last encounter with those THINGS, its not that I miss them, it scares me to think where they are now.

My ration is running a little low now, I must find food, maybe at sunrise I should go out and scavenge the surrounding area for loots.

For now I should get some more rest

This is the beginning of Day 30

Day 29 - so much for the mystery

Finally got the door opened, just as I thought it was just my imagination that there something in here. The room is a mess, but at the least I found a shotgun some shells, a handgun and some bullets, looks like thats all I can find in here...

This weapons won't do much good but attract a lot more of those things, so better just keep this handy just in case.

Day 29 - whats behind door number Z

Well time to find out whats in that room, I did think that I heard something move in there, but might anything or someTHING, well time to find out.

As a precaution I did plan my quickest way out of this place just in case there are those things in there. If I can handle the situation I might as well battle it out. But I won't be taking my chances, armed with a screwdriver and toaster won't deal much effect to those things.

Day 29 - must get some sleep

Been awake for God knows how long, haven't had any proper sleep since this chaos began, even if I'm hauled inside this shop - protected by iron doors and windows, falling asleep seems a bit hard with all this heads looking at me, I should probably go look for something to eat... I wonder if the locked room behind the register has a fridge.

Day 29 - 28 Days Later... not quite

Movie scenarios don't often explain how to do things in real life. I remember watching 28 Days Later back then; compared to whats going on right now, the characters in that movie had it easy...

Day 28 - Monetary Abundance

After securing my temporary shelter, I rummage around for something useful, guess what I found - a fat stack of cash in the register - now where will I ever use this shit?

Now I need to find the key that opens up the room behind the register, hope the owner is not presently available - physically so to speak.

Day 28 - temp home

Found a place to haul myself, luckily noTHING's inside, haven't had any run ins with any of those things for a few days now, must be over - wouldn't want to keep my hopes up just yet.

Day 28 - Journal of...

It has been a few weeks since it began; to this day no one knows why it happened, and who is responsible. Since it began this is the only time since I get a chance to clear my head, to think, to get my focus back. Looking back; when it started, it was a typical day, like any other day. Now, a few days since then - utter chaos.

I decided to chronicle these events to serve as a bit of information to those who may find it useful. But for now, I must clear my head, rest up, and see what later has in store.